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Insurance Bad Faith   

Charleston Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Liability for an Insurance Company’s Unreasonable Action or Inaction

In South Carolina, insurance companies owe their insured a duty of good faith and fair dealing. This duty owed is inherent in every insurance contract. South Carolina law protects insurance consumers from the bad faith acts of insurance carriers who fail or refuse to pay valid claims or who otherwise fail to meet the terms of the policy under the circumstances.

Insurance policies require that we – the consumers – pay premiums to protect us against liability and other harm that may arise. In exchange for our premium payments, we expect – and the law requires – that they do their job and indeed protect us in accordance with our policy terms.

If you believe that an insurance company is acting in bad faith, seek representation from Ellis Roberts Law, LLC. We have decades of combined experience pursuing cases against powerful insurance companies.

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Defining Insurance Bad Faith

Far too often, insurance companies fail consumers. At Ellis Roberts Law, LLC, we are passionate about checking the power of big insurance companies and holding them accountable for their duty to consumers.

Bad faith occurs when an insurance company fails to reasonably protect its insured by:

  • Denying a valid claim that is covered by the insurance policy
  • Failing to promptly investigate a claim
  • Failing to make a good faith offer of settlement
  • Forcing claimants to litigation to recover amounts reasonably due or payable under the policy by offering the claimant substantially less than the amounts ultimately recovered through a lawsuit
  • Failing to pay what is reasonably due on a claim

Compensation for an Insurance Company’s Bad Faith

When an insurance company makes a bad call that fails to protect the insured – the person who pays them every month for this protection –Ellis Roberts Law, LLC can aggressively pursue the insurance company on a bad faith claim. We can seek out not only the damages you are owed according to your underlying claim but also the damages that arose out of the bad faith. These damages can be significant because they can be punitive in nature. Attorneys’ fees may also be recovered.

These cases often arise after an insured is hit with a verdict more than the insurance company was willing to pay on a claim. In such a case, the at-fault party (the insured) who now owes the injured party a substantial amount of money in excess of the liability policy can assign his or her bad faith claim against the insurance company to the injured party to recover amounts owed and more. This may sound like a complicated path, however, the attorney at Ellis Roberts Law, LLC are comfortable in complicated cases and know how to best navigate and aggressively pursue insurance companies who have failed to meet their duty of good faith and fair dealing.

Consult with our Charleston insurance bad faith attorney to review your circumstances if you have been injured and suspect your insurance company or the at-fault insurance company is acting in bad faith.

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