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Breach of Contract   

Breach of Contract Attorneys in Charleston

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A contract is a legally binding document that creates certain obligations for the involved parties. Failing to uphold the contract or abide by your contractual obligations is considered a breach of contract.

If someone breached a contract you are involved in, or if someone accused you of breaching a contract, turn to Ellis Roberts Law, LLC. Our Charleston breach of contract attorney are committed to helping you find a favorable resolution to your case.

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Forms of Relief for Contract Breaches

If someone violated the terms of your contract, you have the right to pursue legal action against them to recover any losses you may have experienced as a result of the breach. At Ellis Roberts Law, LLC, we can walk you through your options and review potential forms of relief you may seek.

If someone breached a contract against you, you may be entitled to relief in the form of:

  • Damages: Generally, a financial award given to cover your losses and/or punish the breaching party – damages can be punitive or compensatory depending on your case;
  • Specific performance: When damages are not enough, a specific performance is when the breaching party is ordered by the court to perform the service outlined in the contract;
  • Cancellation and restitution: The non-breaching party can cancel the contract and seek restitution, a financial award.

Seek Guidance for a Breach of Contract

If you believe that a party breached the terms of your contract, you should first look to the contract itself. Many contracts include clauses about what to do or what will happen in the event of a breach. Our Charleston breach of contract attorney can review your contract and determine if there is any instructional language.

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