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Defamation Attorney in Charleston

Protecting Your Reputation

Your reputation is one of your most important assets. Injuries to your reputation and standing in the community based on the false statements of others can be embarrassing. They can also cause mental anguish, suffering, and wounded feelings. Even more so, such injuries can also extend to tangible losses in your property, business, occupation, or profession.

If someone else’s injurious false statements about you have manifested into monetary losses, seek representation from the experienced Charleston defamation attorney at Ellis Roberts Law, LLC today. We understand the difficult situation you are up against and we remain committed to helping you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Liability for Defamation

The facts and circumstances leading up to a defamation claim can be complicated and the experience can be volatile.

Defamation law is highly nuanced based on what is being said and who it is being said about. Defamation may be written – known as “libel” – or spoken – known as “slander.”

Defamatory statements could be false statements about:

  • An alleged crime committed
  • Diseases
  • Adultery
  • Other sexual practices
  • Unfitness in business or reputation

In addition, torts may be implicated in these cases – such as outrage or intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The Charleston defamation attorney at Ellis Roberts Law, LLC are equipped to skillfully counsel and advise you through the facts and circumstances of your situation to determine whether you might have a valid defamation claim.

Damages for Defamation

If your reputation has been damaged based on someone else’s false words, you may be entitled to recover actual damages for:

  • The injury to your reputation and standing in the community
  • Your embarrassment and personal humiliation
  • Your mental anguish and suffering
  • Your wounded feelings

In addition, special damages may arise if you have expenses or a loss in value that can be attributed to the defamatory statement of others.

Sometimes false statements are made with malice such that you may be entitled to punitive damages. This may arise if it can be clearly proven that the defendant made false statements about you knowing they were false or with serious reservations about the truth of the statements made.

Let Ellis Roberts Law, LLC Handle the Legal Work

The Charleston defamation attorney at our firm are committed advocates and have extensive experience with defamation cases. We are eager to assess your case and determine if you may have a valid claim. Should we take on your case, you will work closely with our attorney every step of the way. We take the time to get to know our clients and find creative solutions to their complex problems.

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