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Political Law   

Political Law Attorneys in Charleston

A Knowledgeable & Reliable Team of Professionals

At Ellis Roberts Law, LLC, we have extensive experience in local, state, and national politics. We have worked on campaigns in advisory and legal counsel positions and understand the complexities of political law in South Carolina. From contract review to finance reporting and understanding and advising candidates and campaigns on election law, our political law attorney in Charleston can work hard to ensure your campaign’s success is had within the law.

We offer our counsel to:

  • Political parties, campaigns, and committees
  • Corporate political activities
  • Voting rights and election administration organizations
  • Tax-exempt organizations

Our lawyers can see the bigger picture that is the political system as a whole. We have the experience, skill, and determination to succeed at the intersection of politics and law.

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How Ellis Roberts Law, LLC Can Help

The laws governing politics and political activity are ever-changing. Given this volatility, we remain up to date on all the latest changes in the law. In fact, we often handle cases involving political rulemaking and enforcement processes.

Our firm also takes on cases involving:

  • Political parties and committees
  • Political candidates
  • Elected officials
  • PACs and Super PACs
  • Social welfare groups
  • Public charities
  • Corporations and political matters
  • Lobbying firms

At Ellis Roberts Law, LLC, we offer counsel for transactions, ethical concerns, and compliance issues, but can also represent you in litigation for political disputes. Our trial lawyers always seek to resolve disputes through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution but are not afraid of the courtroom if litigation is necessary.

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Our political law attorney in Charleston have decades of combined experience representing a wide range of parties with political interests or disputes that need to be addressed. Because we have extensive knowledge of the political arena, we are capable of handling a variety of legal matters in an efficient and effective manner.

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