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Premises Liability   

Charleston Premises Liability Attorney

Helping Victims of Slip & Fall Accidents Recover

In South Carolina, negligent property owners whose property is unsafe may be held accountable for the condition of their property if it causes an injury or death. Whether it is a storekeeper, a business owner, or a homeowner, property owners owe a certain level of “care” when it comes to allowing others on to their property.

The Charleston premises liability attorney at Ellis Roberts Law, LLC represent clients who have been injured because of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property. Each case is different, and the legal duties owed by property owners depend on the circumstances. All claims need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. These claims are highly nuanced depending on the facts and circumstances. The team at Ellis Roberts Law, LLC is happy to review your potential premises liability claim to determine whether our personal injury attorney may be able to represent you.

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Damages Arising out of Premises Liability

If you have been injured on another person’s property due to an unreasonable, unsafe condition, take a picture of the premises and document the condition as soon as possible. You should also seek immediate medical attention and document your injuries right away.

You may be able to receive compensation for your:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Anxiety
  • Mental distress
  • Other damages incurred as a result of your accident

If your spouse was injured in a premises liability case and you have lost the companionship as a result of the accident, you may have a loss of consortium claim. You can also file a wrongful death claim if you lost a loved one due to an accident on someone’s dangerous property.

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